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    "I FINALLY bit the bullet and got hearing aids. I CAN HEAR AGAIN! WOW! I didn't realize how bad my hearing was until I got them! Several times a day I hear sounds I haven't heard for years - but didn't realize it. The worst was in a boat - I couldn't hear anyone talk. Even on a beach - if there were waves, or a boat motor running, I couldn't hear anyone talking. And, about a year ago, I was at a banquet, and I couldn't hear anyone talk!!! Not next to me - across from me - no one! Too much noise. The worst was 2 weeks ago when I had all 4 grand-kids at the Franklin - we had lunch in the cafeteria, and I COULD NOT HEAR ANY OF THEM!!!!! And, 2 of them were right next to me! I asked each grandson to repeat what they said about 3 times, then just gave up."

"So - I went to Stone's Hearing Aid Service Pottstown, I received a FREE hearing evaluation and they fitted me right away. Wow! On my way home, I heard sleet for the first time in years. I didn't realize I hadn't heard it! And, since then, every day I hear sounds I haven't heard for years."

"God, I love these hearing aids"!

Cathy Young, Proprietor

Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures, LLC

"I was having a problem with my hearing aid and my husband said to call Stone’s Hearing Aid because he saw them mentioned in Sound Off. Two men from Stone’s Hearing Aid came to my house and took care of my problem and they did it right there. I asked how much and they said no problem. I didn’t have to give them one penny. Thank you very much.

God bless Stone’s, God bless Pottstown and God bless America. I’m very grateful".


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Live Testimonial Courtesy of PCTV and Judge Thomas A. Palladino offers his personal experience and satisfaction with Stone's Hearing Aid Service

District Magistrate Judge Thomas A. Palladino offers his personal experience and satisfaction with Stone's Hearing Aid Service

Stone's Hearing Aid Commercial

Please click to view - Live Testimonial Courtesy of PCTV and Pat Gazzillo

"A few years ago while working for a in-home nursing service, one of my home-bound patients wore hearing aids. As he began having complications with his devices, he called Stone's Hearing Aid Service.

While on the phone, he explained his situation and they expressed to him that I could bring them in with his approval.

When I walked into the shop, Mark and Matt were very kind and understanding. They repaired his hearing aids right then and there without question or hesitance.

These two gentlemen made my clients day.

I appreciatively and highly recommend Stone’s Hearing Aid Service to anyone whom may have hearing concerns or are in the need of hearing aids"



"After having hearing concerns, I chose to research hear aids and my options. I went to a few local hearing aid dealers. While visiting these locations it was upsetting to find out that none of the places that I went to would work with my “Judges Benefits” for hearing and were requesting costs above this or my budget.

After conversation with Matt, partner of Stone’s Hearing Aid Service, he suggested I stop at the shop for a hearing evaluation and that he and Mark would look into my options and make every effort they could to accommodate my needs.

When I visited with the gentlemen they gave me a hearing evaluation at no charge, discussed my hearing aid options, had the set I needed in stock, and were able to honor my “Judges Benefits” with ease, creating a virtually effortless and stress free transaction at no cost to me.

It is with great integrity to fully support and thank Stone’s Hearing Aid Service for their care, concern, and ethics".

The Honorable Judge Thomas Palladino ~ Pottstown, PA

"I’d like to thank Mark, owner of Stone’s Hearing Aid Service, for his great service and compassion in helping my mom obtain a hearing aid. He still provides the old time service that we remember in Pottstown. He’s definitely the right guy to see when you’re in need of a hearing aid. Thanks again Mark".

Via the Pottstown Mercury's "Sound Off"

"A few years ago I started taking my mother to another hearing aid provider after using Stone’s for several years. After reading the Sound Off about Stone’s we decided to go back and say hi to them. Both Mark and Matt welcomed us back not hesitating to assist us. We were treated with quality service and attention. We want to thank the individual for reminding us where we need to direct our business and thank Mark and Matt for such kind hometown service".


Via the Pottstown Mercury's "Sound Off"

"Now I know why Stone’s Hearing Aid Service was number one in the Mercury contest. I needed help with my hearing aid and I called Stone’s and they came and helped get my hearing aid back in shape. When they were finished, they said, “No charge, Merry Christmas.” I thought how wonderful to have local people come to the house and not charge anything. Buy local and keep your business in Pottstown".


Via the Pottstown Mercury's "Sound Off"

"Thank you once again, To Everyone at Stone's Hearing Aid Service-

Thank you for the great service you provide not only to Mom but everyone's lives you touch- keep up the good work"!!


Marilyn and Judy F. Green Lane, PA

"Dear Sirs,

Thank you so much for your fine service and your easy payment plan.

It's so good to hear plain again".


Betty S. Woxall, PA

'Hi Mark,

Just want to thank you for being so kind in my hearing problem. Have a wonderful New Year"

Naomi C. Woxall, PA

"Thank you for your usual good service"!


Evelyn M. Pottstown, PA

"Dear Mark,

Thank you very much for the service you have given me and also allowing me to pay the hearing aid in installments. Thanks for trusting me. If ever I need more equipment I will see you. I also tell others about you".

Mike H.